In-office Oral Sedation

In-office Oral Sedation

In Office Pedatric Sleep Dentistry & Oral Sedation

Sedatives are given to assist dental patients in having the best and most comfortable dental experience possible. If your child needs an extensive dental treatment, using pediatric in-office sedation helps them cope with having the procedure with as little anxiety and physical and mental discomfort as possible. Dr. Criss remains well-trained and certified in giving her pediatric dental patients several types of appropriate and safe sedation medications for extensive oral procedures done in her office.

Nitrous Oxide

Laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, remains the sedation method most frequently used for a child’s dental work. A child takes in this gas through their nose through a mask. He or she also feels safe, warm and secure during a dental procedure with nitrous.. They don’t go to sleep, and begin breathing regular oxygen right away after the nitrous oxide is stopped.

Oral Sedation

Conscious or oral sedation involves using a mild sedative in combination with nitrous oxide to give our pediatric dental patients a deeper level of sedation without putting them to sleep.

Dr. Criss chooses sedation for your child based on their height, weight and medical conditions which they may have. Sedation methods are also chosen by the amount of anxiety your child, past dental experiences, and treatment needed. Dr. Criss wants your child to remain calm and comfortable while dental treatment is done.