Aesthetic tooth colored filling

Aesthetic tooth colored filling

If your child or teen’s teeth have begun to decay, the dentist will often recommend a filling. Aesthetic tooth-colored fillings, also known as composite fillings, are ideal for your child because they mimic the coloring of the surrounding teeth and do not contain metal like in the old amalgam fillings that adults are so used to. These tooth colored fillings are chosen to specifically match your child’s natural tooth color so that the filling blends seamlessly into the rest of their smile.

The procedure for a filling is relatively straight forward and easy, even for younger children. The area to be filled will be numbed for your child’s comfort. After, the decay in the tooth will be removed and an adhering gel is placed into the small hole. The tooth-colored filling material is placed into the hole and then cured with a blue light. In most cases, you or your child won’t even be able to tell where the filling is because of how beautifully it blends into and matches the area where it was placed.

Along with performing a filling procedure, the dentist can also remove older metal fillings and replace them with tooth-colored ones. This helps to remove the harmful metal from your child’s teeth and allows them to have a beautifully white smile free of amalgam. Before a filling can be placed, the dentist will perform an exam to determine if and where the cavity is and will then schedule your child to come back in for the filling