Intraoral Digital Camera Images

Intraoral Digital Camera Images

One of the most efficient methods for a dentist to keep an eye on the health of your teeth is by using the latest technology. An intraoral camera is one of the ways Dr. Criss and the zoo crew  view your teeth during a checkup. 

Intraoral cameras are shaped like pens and capture dental images digitally. These views enable the dentist to give your child a clean bill of dental health or to diagnose any dental problems that may exist. Using intraoral digital camera images also allow your dentist to get a look at places in your child’s mouth that the eye can’t see.  Digital cameras also magnify findings to help aid in diagnosis.  

Intraoral dental images allow Dr. Criss the ability to see what your child’s teeth look like almost immediately.

The images we take on our cameras are included in your child’s digital record and both parent and dentist can look at these images and discuss any areas that may be of concern.  Some of the problems this digital imaging can discover are: 

  • Cavities and tooth decay 
  • Gum infections 
  • Cracks in the teeth 
  • Abnormalities in the teeth or gums 
  • Unfavorable jaw growth

Intraoral digital technology is not required during every dental visit, nor is it necessary for every dental patient. If you have questions about why your child needs an intraoral dental picture, please be sure to ask for more information from the dentist and staff.