Space Maintenance

Space Maintainers and Losing a Tooth Gap

Losing a tooth can be exciting for a child if they are going to get a visit from the tooth fairy. But losing a primary tooth too early can cause problems in spacing and jaw development for the mouth, as well as when the permanent teeth come in. So if the child loses a tooth due to an injury or damage, they’ll need to see their dentist right away.

Dr. Criss uses space maintainers to take the place of the child’s missing tooth. The maintainers keep the spacing of the child’s teeth aligned so their permanent teeth can come in properly, and the rest of the teeth stay lined up. Space maintainers take over the purpose of the baby tooth that was lost too soon and keep your child’s jaw developing correctly.

If a primary tooth is lost too soon, the remaining teeth move to take up that space. Placing a space maintainer keeps the empty spot open until the permanent tooth emerges. It also keeps the jaw healthy and the remaining teeth aligned as your child grows.