Healthy Start & Early Orthodontics

Healthy Start & Early Orthodontics

What is Healthy Start and Early Orthodontics?
Healthy Start is a removable dental appliance that your child wears only at night. The appliance is BPA-free and latex-free as well as being FDA-cleared. Healthy Start works in several ways to both open the airway for your child to breathe easier at night while simultaneously straightening their teeth. Early orthodontic treatment using Healthy Start is crucial in preventing the need for more aggressive treatment later on.

Why would your child need Healthy Start?
Healthy Start is ideal for most children because the vast majority of kids have both disordered nighttime breathing as well as crooked or crowded teeth. Healthy Start is comfortable to wear and is custom-molded to your child’s mouth. You can sleep easier knowing that your child will have a more restful night. Some of the common signs of disordered nighttime breathing include:

• A child who is tired and exhausted throughout the day
• A child who either has too big or too little of an appetite
• A child who shows signs of ADD or hyperactivity
• A child who is moody, lethargic and irritable throughout the day

What makes your child a good candidate for Healthy Start?
Healthy Start is ideal for most children and works in two ways to both correct disordered nighttime breathing as well as straightening teeth when they are easiest to mold and adapt to treatment. Healthy Start is made out of a comfortable, flexible material, so your child won’t mind wearing it at night. With the help of a consultation as well as examination, Dr. Jennifer Criss can determine if Healthy Start is a good option for your child. We can also help by answering any questions that you might have regarding treatment.

What happens during the procedure for Healthy Start?
The process will start with a consultation so that we can determine if Healthy Start is right for your child. If it’s determined that they will benefit from the process, we will take impressions of their mouth to create a custom made appliance. The appliance will fit comfortably and evenly in your child’s mouth. We will instruct you and your child on how to properly wear the appliance in order for it to be effective. It’s important for your child to get into a nighttime routine of putting their Healthy Start appliance in. It is crucial that the appliance is kept clean and stored away during the day to prevent signs of wear and tear. Healthy Start is great for kids of all ages and orthodontic needs.

If you think your child may benefit from Healthy Start, we are here to take your call and get them in for a consultation appointment.

When is the best time for orthodontic treatment?

Dr. Criss explains when you should start considering orthodontic treatment for your child.