All-White Zirconia Crowns

No-Metal Crowns

Zirconia comes in solid zirconia and highly translucent zirconia. No matter which substance your dentist uses, CAM or Computer Aided Manufacturing and CAD or Computer Aided Designing are technologies used to make these crowns. Solid zirconia crowns remain stronger longer than to the translucent types of zirconia crowns.

Some of the advantages of placing zirconium crowns are numerous and significant. Some of these advantages include:

  • Excellent appearance. Zirconium is translucent and looks very much like natural teeth.
  • Your smile will remain beautiful with no sign of metal at the gum-line.
  • There have been no allergic reactions to zirconium crowns reported so far.
  • Zirconium bonds well with teeth. The crowns stay in place well, too.
  • There is no metal in zirconium crowns. Metal crowns used to be the choice of most people who needed a crown. But nowadays, people want to limit the number of metals in their bodies. Zirconia crowns remain the choice for these people.