Orthodontic extractions

Orthodontic extractions

Tooth extractions remain a tough process for many children. Some kids don’t understand what is going on and get upset. But most children do okay having a tooth extraction if they are adequately prepared for the procedure. Routine visits to the dentist, and using a pediatric dentist goes a long way to help your child feel more relaxed through the process. A few other tips remain to help your child through a tooth extraction, including:

  • Explain the reason for the removal to the child. If a tooth is so badly decayed that a root canal can’t save it, it needs to come out.
  • Crowded teeth. If crowded teeth are changing the position of the teeth or disrupting the child’s bite, the child may need to have teeth pulled, and braces applied to keep their teeth straight and provide them with a healthy bite.

Simple extractions can be done to remove the tooth. The area around the tooth gets numbed, and then the tooth is pulled. If your child has an impacted tooth, they will need sedation before their tooth extraction.

Dr. Criss and her staff will provide complete instructions on aftercare for the extracted tooth area to improve the rate of healing in the area and prevent infection from occurring.