Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Laser use in dentistry began in 1994. Lasers can be used to treat several dental problems. Dentists use lasers in dentistry for many reasons including the following:

  • To treat tooth decay as well as to prepare a tooth for a filling
  • To treat gum disease and reshape gums during root canals
  • To remove lesions or canker sores
  • To speed up teeth whitening

Lasers work by providing light energy. During dental procedures, lasers vaporize tissues and are used as cutting instruments. Lasers also enhance the effects of tooth-whitening procedures. The use of lasers remains the perfect choice for patients who struggle with the sound of a dental drill. Using a laser preserves the majority of a healthy tooth when a cavity is being removed.

Dr. Criss can happily answer your questions and give you expert advice on the using of lasers during any of your dental procedures.